The Beanstalk

I asked CW, "You mean the cars are a symbol?"

"No silly, the cars aren't a symbol, the cars are the language that carries the symbol. The symbol is the golden egg. It's an archetype, as is the goose, and the giant, and Jack, and--"

"And the beanstalk?"

"Yes, and the beanstalk."

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcars 33 -- 8x9in. -- acrylic/ink/canvas


hwfarber said...

This is getting scary. I just saw the detourart image of cars (looking a bit like the way I set up my feet)and the painted shoes.

There is something I recognize in your car paintings. When I first checked out your blog, I went back only as far as your ancient writing. I felt I could almost read them because I spent so much time as a kid looking at heiroglyphs in the back of the dictionary. I have thrift-shop platters which are painted with designs that look like "glyphs"-- maybe I'll post them om my blog one day. I feel that art is play, and you're much more evolved than I. I almost understand your blog and enjoy it--maybe there's a tribe someplace.

I spent lots of time in Bethesda studying sculpture at Ella Tulin's studio; I lived north of there in Brookeville.

headwrapper said...

That makes two of us, I almost understand it myself ;)

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