The Spine of the Webpage

CW came by again to check on her email. Then she looked at my latest entry --The Beanstalk. She explained that the beanstalk is metaphorically a vertical channel for the soul's ascent from this world to the Other.

Then she scrolled down, looking at all of the entries, and went on to say that she thought my inventory was unconsciously a metaphor for the soul's journey up the beanstalk, ie "upward through the chakras". She attributed the redundancy of the imagery to "--the instinctive conservative measures of the spirit-of-the-work's progress up the spine of the webpage".

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcars 34 -- 8x10in. -- acrylic/ink/canvas


jerriji said...

could be it's just easier to do more or less the same thing....


jerriji said...

could be I'd like to have one of your vroom vroom paintings,,,,


jerriji said...

could be.....

headwrapper said...

Are you in Eureka? I was there yesterday and will be again next Wed.

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