This might be a good time to pause and take a more objective look at what's going on here. Intrinsically, there is no "correct way" to interpret my art, however I always find that --some interpretations are better than others. Nor is there a correct viewpoint to be inspired from it, which leaves me free from responsibility for what any one might do. (Charles Manson was inspired to commit murder by the Beatles, but the Beatles had absolutely no responsibility in that).

But anyway, that being said, Headwrapping School has noticed and wants to point out that some stop signs have recently been installed on our blog and we are not at all inclined to remove them. To view the "stop signs" go here and scroll down to the comments June 2nd 02:35PM. Thanks JRose, we like where you're coming from.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcars 18 -- 10 x 11in. -- acrylic/ink/canvas


Island Life said...

Hi Reuben, Mighty Thanks for your comments. I am so glad stopping is activated at Headwrapping School.

As regards the activation of stopping I would like to send this message out to all Shats about the nature of the activated stopping:

Activated stopping does not require a stop sign. You can pull up at any convenient safe space and just stop there without any stop signs present.

However, if you wish, you can install a sign there, which states:

"I stopped shatting here."

:o) JRose

Island Life said...

Some positive examples of what could happen to a car after a user has stopped shatting.


headwrapper said...

Mmm, community heartbeat! --nice.

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