A Hermit's View of the River

I was at the fence, as has become my habit, making observations of the patterns in the river of cars and trucks flowing before me. Bobby was with me and said that I didn't have any objective viewpoint from which to judge the world and humanity.

"Yes," I said, "but there IS no known objective viewpoint to view humanity with, not until we find life on other planets."

"... your viewpoint is subjective," he continued, "very subjective."

I decided to try another approach, "An objective viewpoint implies analysis, but what I do is to synthesize an avenue of personal expression."

He went on, not listening, "You're kinda like a hermit who can't see beyond his own nose."

"But Bobby, the cars are beyond my nose."

"You don't understand," he said. "It's an apology."

"Not seeing beyond my nose is an apology? An apology for what? Do you mean an analogy?"

"Analogy, apology, whatever, it's all the same if you look at things objectively..."


I stopped myself. I thought --that's OK, I'll revise what he says later. Or abandon it all together.


jhammer said...
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jhammer said...

your background colors are becoming more interesting--deeper maybe.
Also, the VW Van is back

headwrapper said...

Yes, you're right, the earlier ones were more pastel.

headwrapper said...

You're right about the van too. Headwrapping School's inspector noticed that earlier today and pointed it out to me. It could be the same van, it looks like it, or they could be twins. I don't want to sound paranoid but I hope I don't see anymore around here. If there are three, four, five or maybe a whole caravan of blue vans... then I dunno, then I'm wondering --what's going on? Let me know if you see any black helicopters.

jhammer said...

Top O the world Ma!! They'll never get me alive
Cali can't afford gas for the state vans so they must just be Hippies lookin' for the 60's.

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