I've been hanging out at The Studio in Eureka and working on a new project.

From their website:
Through the month of July, outsider artist Reuben Sorensen has been collaborating with Studio artists on a giant paper mache' landscape complete with mountains, roads and trees.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMany hands help out.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsxxxxCollaborating with Betty Kuhnel left, and assistant Melissa.

xxxxxxxxxxxxBetty forground, Elizebeth Kordes center, me with teacher Angie Valetutto background.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCollaborating with Dawn Wentworth


jhammer said...

working with with those folks at the Studio has to be very rewarding- good on ya mate!

headwrapper said...

Yes it is, I'm learning a lot. Thanks.

jhammer said...

Back in Texas again---HUMIDITY-I had forgotten-or at least put it out of my head. It is a killer here in Houston.

HUMILITY-sometimes I forget that too-put it out of my head! Luckily it comes back!!!

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