Amazing Grace Brings Clarity of Vision

Once again, time has transited the circle of life to selfishly encroach upon our desuetude and deliver my insubstantial self to the gateway of Headwrapping School's fall semester commencement. I once was lost but... now the frugal interlude has been terminated and your faithful servant is back on the job. Leaving behind the delusional lens of a romantic diversion, and once again observing this road from an unassailable distance, I have reestablished my secured position on the hill where I again shall objectively pursue the monitoring of traffic and continue the inexorable attempt to balance an approximate validity of this parenthesized reality. Yes, Headwrapping School has again entered into the embranglement of ceremony's grass roots and thrown our fate into the gyratory internal affairs of this tableau's variance.


Monica said...

Very good.

jhammer said...

Get a little-get alot--just get you some!!

headwrapper said...

some desuetude?

jhammer said...

romantic diversion

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