Upcoming Show

Here's the post card:


Anonymous said...

That postcard demands attention. I want to get in and play with the scene like a little kid.

jhammer said...

cool -please send me one in Az.
975 W Camino Guarina
Green Valley, Az 85614

I bet the excitement level is at HIGH around the studio--well done!!

Kristabel said...

pssst....Hey Reuben....if you send me jhammer's complete information, I'll add him to the mailing list. This is going to be a fantastic show!

mresquan said...

This is going to be awesome,and I hope that Reuben goes out of his way to cover his hands with paint for me to shake them.Only a good man allows for one to shake his paint soaked hands.And I am so excited to see the movies which will be playing on the set and in the drama room.

Joy Dellas said...

Every now and then I think of you
when I'm cruising ideas/entertainment
etc. You never fail to inspire!
Hopefully I will get my reclusive
self out to ArtsAlive this month.

headwrapper said...

Wow! Joy! It's really really great to hear from you. If you make it I'll be loving to see you there!!

Indie said...

Great! Looking forward to it!

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