Fork in the road

I am at a fork in the road with my art, I may stay on this road of cars, or I may stray off onto a completely different area of expression... hmmm... what to do?

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcars 58 -- acrylic and marker on canvas --11x14in


jerriji said...

keep on brother.....

jhammer said...

That's right-you should do what your head tells you. Look at your past years work on the site and you see such a range of styles and mediums.
Maybe you should get into one of your cars and paint what you see from the inside.
Whatever you do your friends and critics will have your back. Your life is an amazing trip-keep paying for the tickets and see where you get to-or keep jumping onto the rolling stock!!
I'm gonna wrap my head around this-more later

jhammer said...

Trigger, Scout-the whole Roy Rogers Museum in Branson is going on the auction block. "Nothing is permanent-everything flows on in the river of time" Jimmy Fudrucker, 1969
Back to the fork!! I really liked the stuff that is ensconced in the museum-also the cryptic.
Perhaps you could get the Artist in Residence job at the Bunny Ranch. That is if my resume is turned down!!

suzy blah blah said...

if u come to a fork in the road, make art with it.


headwrapper said...

thanks Jerry

Hammer, I already tried for the artist in residence gig, made them a proposal for wrapping bunnies, but they rejected me, said they wanted them unwrapped :(

hey Suzy, is that fork in the link a peace sign --or a bunny logo?

jhammer said...

tried to send pic-it is on fbook somewhere-under Puff N Stuff I think.
Thinking more along the lines of new frontiers in the headwrapping school.

Anonymous said...

The fork can stand for one thing, only. Yippies.

headwrapper said...

Here at Headwrapping School we eat Yippies for breakfast with sliced bananas and a spoon.

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